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2019 Summer Reading

Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 9 Honors Grade 10 Grade 10 Honors Grade 11 Grade 11 Honors AP Language and Composition College Composition Sports Literature Summer Titles on OverDrive Many titles are available on OverDrive. Reading

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Make Requests and Suggestions

Place your book order now! Use this form to request a book that you’d like us to buy. We’ll happily purchase fiction or nonfiction books in Kindle format, in print, or for OverDrive. If you’d like to borrow a library

Note-taking with Pen and Paper

Create Notes and Align them with Your Sources All writers must cite their sources. In other words, as you write your paper you must give original authors credit for ideas and phrasing. If you were to portray their ideas or

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Books vs. eBooks at SMHS

The library is gathering data to help make an informed decision about future book purchases. Under consideration is a move further toward eBooks and away from traditional print books. The decision will be driven by economics and student/staff preferences. Annually,

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