Books vs. eBooks at SMHS

Books_eBooksThe library is gathering data to help make an informed decision about future book purchases. Under consideration is a move further toward eBooks and away from traditional print books. The decision will be driven by economics and student/staff preferences. Annually, the library buys hundreds of print books, but only a small percentage of those books actually get checked-out of the library. While the physical books look nice on display and make it easy to quickly grab a new read, it seems logical to consider a different purchasing model–a model where students/staff determine what they want to read and ask for it to be purchased. This decision is complicated, of course, by equipment concerns. That’s why you’re being asked to complete a survey. Please register your preferences on the survey. Your input will be immensely helpful and greatly appreciated. Take the survey now. Please take it only once. Thank you.

Update (1/20/13): The survey, which ran for four days and was emailed to all smhs faculty/staff and 100+ SMHS students, collected 64 responses. Here are the results.

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5 comments on “Books vs. eBooks at SMHS
  1. Mr. Moynihan says:

    I prefer print books.

  2. Mr. Pruett says:

    When given the choice I prefer print. I have however read a couple of books on a kindle and I don’t mind that format. If I travelled a lot I think I would choose the e-book format more often.

  3. Russ Holden says:

    Can we break down student from staff responses?

  4. Joe Fanning says:

    As a retired NJ School Librarian/Administrator*, now living in NH; I have firm beliefs on the subject. Print is definitely needed for Fiction – particularly the ‘classics.’ In terms of Non-Fiction, there also needs to be a certain amount of print for the range, i.e. Ancient Egypt, Astronomy, Civil War, etc. Meanwhile, REFERENCE (other than a dictionary, almanac, atlas, and 1 encyclopedia set) should be ‘all’ electronic. That is due to the fact that the vast range of info via the databases and the constant need for current updates, requires those items to be electronic. The e-format makes it better and ‘easier’ to locate the details, particularly when dealing with Science (which changes constantly). Though not a ‘member of the community’ those concepts are my beliefs and experiences – please know I just ‘accidentally’ came across the site mentioning the query – thus, my response. Certainly hope all goes well and that things get going smoothly for all.
    * also, was on the NJLA Board of the Reference Committee back in the 1990s & 2000s

    • Ray Palin says:

      Thanks a lot for the comment. While we have retained some valuable print reference, little by little, I’ve moved the library in this direction.